Doutoramento em Urbanismo distinguido com AESOP CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY


AESOP Quality Recognition for the European Dimension in Planning Programmes

O programa de Douroramento em Urbanismo acaba de ser distinguido com  AESOP CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY por “fulfils the European quality standards of planning programmes acording to the AESOP Charter, complemented by an effective internationalization of teaching and learning processes

Todos os(as) docentes e discentes que contribuíram para esta excelente avaliação internacional estão pois de parabéns.  

Professsora Filipa Antunes, Coordenadora

AESOP Quality Recognition for the European Dimension in Planning Programmes

The European dimension in Planning Education:

Future planners that we educate will need to:

  • develop an attitude coherent with European values of cities;
  • be capable of working internationally, in particular in Europe;
  • understand the European context in which their practice is embedded. 

For this, planning programmes need to develop:

  • The transfer of knowledge, know-how, ideas, between European planners;
  • The mobility of students and teachers;
  • Teaching experiences that put students in different European contexts in the exercise of planning practice.

Our definition of quality recognition

By quality recognition, we understand making the best of the plurality and diversity of approaches of our schools. The core of our interest is the coherence between the principles, the contents and the way of implementation of a programme. We want to initiate a process based on the cooperation (not a competition) between our schools. Such quality recognition is not to be mistaken for an accreditation, which occurs at national level.

The overarching principles are expressed by :

  • The AESOP Core curriculum requirements (the backgroud)
  • The European dimension in the planning programme